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Group-buy & Pre-order

Group-buy? Pre-order? What's the difference?

This is the general time-line for our group-buy products:. Interest Check -> Group-buy -> Pre-order -> Extras Sale. Let`s walk through each step of this process together:. Interest Check. When we have a cool idea, we present it to the community in th

I missed the group-buy, will you have extras?

We will always have extras for sale once all group-buy orders have shipped.

I may move before the group-buy order ships, can I change my address?

Of course! You`ll be able to change your address up until the time the order is shipped. To change your address, please log into your account and click on the order you`d like to update in your order history. On this page, you`ll see an option to upd

Why am I not allowed to combine other items with my group-buy order?

Unfortunately, when group-buy items are checked out with other items it results in stagnant inventory. Since we operate from a relatively small facility we would like to ship things out as soon as possible to make room for new inventory. We apologize

Where can I find group-buy and pre-order updates?

We always post updates on all active projects here:https://dangkeebs.com/blogs/updates