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Group-buy? Pre-order? What's the difference?Updated 2 years ago

This is the general time-line for our group-buy products:

Interest Check -> Group-buy -> Pre-order -> Extras Sale

Let`s walk through each step of this process together:

Interest Check

When we have a cool idea, we present it to the community in the form of an interest check. If there is enough interest for our concept, we move forward to group-buy.


During the group-buy phase, we are collecting the funds needed to submit our order to the manufacturer. Group-buy prices are generally lower than pre-order, and in stock prices. Once an order has been placed with the manufacturer we move forward to pre-order.


During the pre-order phase, we are selling a limited number of extra stock. It can be easy to miss group-buys given the short time frames. We do pre-order sales to accommodate anyone discovering our product after the group-buy period. Please note, pre-order prices can be slightly higher than group-buy prices. However, this is not always the case. Not all products will have pre-orders. Additionally, there is no specific time frame for pre-orders. The listing will close when the inventory allocated to pre-orders is sold out.

Extras Sale

With every group-buy we will be purchasing extras to be sold once all group-buy orders have shipped. 

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